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open the app automatically when user resets password.

Hey there,  I am new on using Kinvey for Android.
I want to ask that is there any way to automatically open the application, when the user successfully resets password (by going to the link sent to the user via email )
Looking forward to your reply!


Answer to your question is NO. Both the activities are independent. There is no way in which you can automatically open the app after successful password reset via email.




Can you please let me know that is there any possibility of sending a link "generated by our app", in the password reset email?

Hello Kinza,

You can add a link manually to the Password Reset email workflow as allowed in the email templates found in the Users collection settings page of the console but it cannot be added or updated automatically by the app itself. The password reset emails are configured, not dynamically modified.


Billy Gee

Alright.. Thankyou!

Hi Kinza,

You can refer this link for the password reset email customization. 


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