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Android Localization

Hi, I was wondering if it is possible on Kinvey side to achieve localization/ internationalization? I know how to do it in Android app. But looking for support from Kinvey. Is it possible? 

Thank you in advance.

Hi Aarti,

There is no direct way to do that with Kinvey API right at this moment. But we will be happy to understand your use case and suggest you how it can be achieved. Please let us know what exactly are you trying to accomplish. Also, Please refer our upcoming feature Live Service for Android and check if it is what you are looking for.


Is this still true? I see a Localize button/link here:

Hi Leo,

I believe you are referring to this image which shows a Localize button:

Create a Facebook app

This is a snapshot of Facebook Developer console, not Kinvey Console. 

Kinvey does not provide a feature for Localization.



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