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I started with the Xamarin-Start Project. When I now add new properties to the "Book" entity, I can't use it anymore. Cant Save etc.

So, I added the rows in my kinsey account, but still I cannot add a book.

The properties are DateTime and int.

Question is now how do I create my own entities with kinvey and synchronize them?

Further question: Is it possible to have a collection in my entity?



You can add custom attributes to the user object in the same manner that you would save properties on any entity in a collection. This is done with the User.Attributes.Add(String key) and User.Attributes[key] methods.

Please take a look at this link



Hi Mark,

About your first question, You must have created a Entity class in your code which you would have linked with your collection. If you try to get entities in the collection, You will be only able to access the values of properties which are there in your class.  If you create a object in your code and save it through the API to the Backend then only the fields you have initialised will be synced with the Backend. 

About your second question, Yes it is possible to create nested entities in Kinvey. Please review following example.


        public class Date
            public string Day { get; set; }

            public string Month { get; set; }

            public string Year { get; set; }


Let us know if you have any other questions about this.


Hi Abhijeet,
the first question is not answered for me. Or I do not understand.. I start with the given sample. There is an entity "book" it has 3 string properties.
I do add my own properties - lets say one string, one datetime and one int property. They are all marked as JsonObject.
Now I initialize one new "book" with the new and the old values and try to sync.
This does not work.
I thought the error might be, that I have to go to kinvey and add the columns there to my collection called "books" but still syncing does not work.
So I am thinking for some reason maybe the local datastore does not now the new columns.

What is the "best practice" to add new properties to the startup-example-project?


*...know the new columns.

Thank you for the help

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@Pranav J: Sorry, Why do I want to change the user?



The use case you mentioned should work without an error. I tried this use case and I couldn't reproduce it. Could you please answer following questions for me:

  1. What is the version of the SDK that you are using?
  2. Which Data store are you using for this?
  3. Could you please share your code with us that you used for testing this.
I will continue to look into this.


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 the project is too big to attach here - so please use this dropbox link:

It hopefully contains everything you need

Any help here? Can anybody provide a good tutorial on this? Feels like new developers are left alone by kinvey
Too bad. My kinvey experience ends here.
It seems there is no better offer, than MS Azure.


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