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Live Service Beta using REST API

* Is there an REST API service and guide for Live Service (or will be there) ?
* Do you distinguish between devices? Some of our users may use iPhone, Android, or even Mac or Windows apps.
* And, can we check if someone did read the message ?
* Do you manage badge numbers or totals on apps (iPhone, Android, but also on Windows or Mac) ?

Hi Sebastiaan,

Unfortunately, Live Service guide is not present for REST API yet. I will discuss this internally and let you once I have an update.

This is the Live Service Guide available today. You can change the platform as per your requirement.


Thanks. I will try this out.

Hi Team,

Is there any way to subscribe to only particular row as we do not want to push anything changed on a collection to all users, We want to push the changes which is related to respective user.



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