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Can not register a user in Grocery list demo

I modified the NativeScript grocery list application to use my Kinvey account.  I changed the config file to have my app key and "Basic <base 64 appKey:appSecret>".  Now when I try to register a user I get InsufficientCredentials.  

No matter what I seem to try I keep getting same error.  Can anyone provide any insight?


Hi Alva,

Have you tried using this Groceries sample app which is specifically built to use Kinvey backend?

Could you please send the project you are testing with by removing any sensitive information like the app key and appSecret from the project.



I downloaded the Groceries JS branch.  Changed the config.js.  There is a file FullGroceriesJS/console.log in this zip so you can see what is going on.  The only change I made is to FullGroceries/app/shared/config.js

I removed all the files in platforms folder so the file would be small enough to upload.

Thank you for assistance.


Hi Alva,

I ran the project you sent, changed only the appKey and appUserHeader in app/shared/config.js and was able to successfully create and login a user. I believe the appUserHeader that you have set may have caused a problem, and more specifically, using the masterSecret and not the appSecret.

You may find the appSecret and masterSecret in Kinvey Console -> Environment Settings -> API Keys.

Please make sure you have set the "Basic <base 64 appKey:appSecret>" and not "Basic <base 64 appKey:masterSecret>" in the appUserHeader field.

As convenience, you may get the appUserHeader from Kinvey Console -> API Console -> Show Options -> Authenticate with App Secret and then copy the generated Authorization header.

Please note that the project you are using is the older version of the Groceries with Kinvey backend which was created before the Kinvey NativeScript SDK was available and therefore it is using the REST API to connect to Kinvey backend.

I would suggest to try out this sample app Groceries sample app which uses the Kinvey NativeScript SDK for more convenient way to interact with the backend.

Let me know if the above suggestion has worked on your end.

Thank you so much!  I was using the masterSecret, even though I thought I had checked that to make sure I wasn't. 

The Kinvey Console -> API Console -> Show Options -> Authenticate with App Secret set me straight.

I will look into the Kinvey NativeScript SDK at some point, but for right now I was just looking to play with a simple REST service to start.

Thank you again!

Hi Alva,

I am glad this has helped. 

As a precaution, please go to your environment Kinvey Console -> Environment Settings -> Api Keys and click on "Regenerate" button for the Master Secret in order to generate a new Master Secret.



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