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Kinvey user-oriented query - lookup problem

I have searched a lot on Google, but nothing ... I think that there is a mistake with the code, which is describing the User Discovery section here:

When I try to execute Kinvey.User.lookup(query).subscribe method, I get this error: 

Property 'subscribe' does not exist ont type 'Promise<{}>'

Any ideas how to fix this error so I can get users data?

This worked for me! Thank you so much!

Hi Albert,

Indeed the TypeScript definitions are wrongly set that the lookup method returns a Promise when it would return an observable. I have logged this as a bug - thank you for reporting this.

As a workaround, you may cast the method as returning an observable or any like this:

var subscription = (Kinvey.User.lookup(query) as any).toPromise();
                .then((user: Kinvey.User) => {
                        console.log('here', JSON.stringify(user));
                    .catch(err => {
                        console.log('err', JSON.stringify(err));

or like this:

const subscription =(Kinvey.User.lookup(query) as any)
  .subscribe((user: Kinvey.User) => {
    console.log('here', JSON.stringify(user));

Let me know if this has helped.

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My project is very simple. I am using NativeScript with Angular 2 and TypeScript.

Now I can see in the node_modules \ kinvey-nativescript-sdk \ kinvey.d.ts that line of code:


static lookup(query?: Query, options?: RequestOptions): Promise<{}>;

When I change Promise<{}> to Observable<{}>, the error does not show, but how can I get the users output?

Hi Albert,

I tried to reproduce the described behavior but without any success. The User.lookup() method will return an observable, not a promise as stated in the documentation and as you can see in the source code here:

Could you please send a sample project you are testing with in order to replicate the issue?


Martin Apostolov

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