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Using gelocation inside document

Hi there

Does Kinvey's RESTAPI support geolocation based queries inside documents? The documentation says I have to create a _geoloc field on record level in order to get a 2D index created. Does that mean it wont work storing geolocations (coordinates) stored in documents?


Okay, I can try that out once. I went through Kinvey's Location documentation and MongoDB's Location documentation as well. MongoDB offers some more Location based options that I thought I would need it but I can handle everything with the possibilities what Kinvey offers here. So it's no more a big issue for my project. It might be that Location queries might work in documents but as far as I understood MongoDB's documentation: You NEED a 2DIndex or a 2DSphere index on it to process such queries. The Kinvey documentation says that only a 2DIndex will be automatically created on toplevel fields called '_geoloc', thats why I am unsure if Location queries might work inside a document. 

My usecase looks like this: I'm working on a GPS located based game while a single game can have 1 or more locations/coordinates (1-to-many relation). On publishing a game some locations of that game must have a minimum distance to some other locations of all already published games. It would have been neat to store a document containing all locations of/with a game for the mentioned distance checks. 

The current possibilities wants me to  create a separate collection (lets call it Locations) in which I store all relevant GPS locations of published games to check (distance) against later published games. Thats not a big issue but on re-publishing a game (thats possible) I have to make sure the Location collection is uptodate:

1. Delete all existing stored GPS coordinates in collection Locations of the re-published game and add all again from the re-published game (that might have changed or partially removed). 

2. Insert the current GPS locations of the re-published game.

This works for me, just causes more traffic and processing stuff.

In the optimal case (as described: all locations stored in a document together with the game itself and not in a separate collection) I only would have to update the game record on re-publishing to be up-to-date (no deletes, no re-inserts) => but unsure if distance queries/checks would work here (without 2D-Indexing).

So I can handle that all with the Kinveys currently provided solution, no further investigations required from your side. If I can find time I will have a closer look into the optimal solution and try out location queries in documents.

Thanks anyway!


Can you please elaborate your usecase? 

As far I know, "_geoloc" information needs to be present in the collection and then you have to query that collection using location coordinates using REST API console or SDK methods available. 

  1. Have you tried implementing location based queries on API console or any other SDK? 
  2. What error you are getting if you try to store coordinates in documents?



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