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Explore collection backed up by FlexData

We have FlexService connected to FlexData route and  

onGetAll() and onGetCount() handlers implemented

When we hook that up to DataCollection we are not able to view it in DataExplorer. When we click on Explore in web console - nothing happens and no flex service logs get created

Please help 

anyone? ...please?

Hi Denys,

When using the Console to explore the collection linked to FlexData, the Console is making the following requests to show part of the data in the collection:



These endpoints are onGetByQuery  and onGetCountByQuery. The request will throw "NotImplemented" error and that is why you would not see anything in the Console browser.

To be able to view the data in the Console explorer, please implement not only onGetAll  and onGetCount, but also onGetByQuery and onGetCountByQuery.

I hope this has helped.

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