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old example of nativescript not good for beginners....

hello this is vicky from india, the groceries app by nativescript is very old example. i seen the kinvey documentation for nativescript and found lot of difference everywhere. whether its about connecting to database or login  or register everything is completely different. from where the appHeader came to picture...! mentioned in config.js. i want to use kinvey and nativescript for my application. if u people are really concern on your nativescript growth. first give proper crud examples with kinvey database. or else i was the first guy will mislead all my students not to use nativescript as it has no proper documentation.

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Hi Vikas,

I am sorry to hear you are having troubles with the Groceries sample app - are you referring to this sample - If so, this sample showcases the use of Kinvey REST API to communicate with the Kinvey backend.

You may review the following Groceries sample which uses Kinvey NativeScript SDK to communicate with the backend.

You may also look at the ready made master-detail templates here:

 - using JavaScript

 - using Angular

 - using TypeScript

You may also find detailed information regarding using Kinvey NativeScript SDK here -

Let me know if this has helped or you are referring to other discrepancies.

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