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Making the data coming from external REST API and kinvey collection synchronized


I have an external API not related to Kinvey get some data about the weather status, but this data is constantly changing, probably every day or two. 

What I'm asking about it, what is the correct way to transfer this data to my collection for the first time and then make the collection synchronized with this API.

so my expected scenario when making an HTTP request on the kinvey collection API to get weather of specific city for example.

  1. If found, so will retrieve the data normally an no need extra actions 
  2. If not found,  from kinvey side, make an HTTP request on my external API to get it and then      save it in my collection and then retrieve to the user



Considering your use-case, you can use Kinvey's RapidData feature explained here but it is only available for Business or Enterprise subscriptions (Check Kinvey's pricing plans for more details). Please review this and let us know what you think. I will also discuss your use-case internally and get back to you if have more information.




Dear Pranav,

Thanks for your help.

Yes, I've already had an Enterprise subscription, but I think the RapidData doesn't support cashing. BTW, waiting for your reply after discussion with the technical team by the correct way for doing this.



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