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_expiresAt ignored in HTML API?


I was trying to increase the _expireAt of file-links this way: 

            var promise = Kinvey.Files.find(query, { kinveyFileTTL: 3600 })
                .then(function(file) {

                    // Got correct output
                    console.log (file);

I assume the file attribute "_expiresAt" which is returned by the Kinvey.Files.find() is based on the servertime of Kinvey or Google. At the time I was testing I got for TTL = 3600: 

_expiresAt: "2018-07-28T22:25:12.986Z"

... fine. Now I increase it by 1 hour: TTL = 7200 and to the same request like a minute later:

_expiresAt: "2018-07-28T22:26:04.178Z"

... weird: I expected 2018-07-28T23:....

Any higher TTL value will be ignored as well. Is the property "_expiresAt" not representing the real _expiresAt?

In your samples here you use findById in conjunction with TTL. Does the TTL option only work with findById in relation with file references? 


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