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How to Connect the  DataDirect Hybrid Data Pipeline to Kinvey via Service Catalog

I want to connect the DataDirect Hybrid Data Pipeline to the kinvey. I have already connected my progress database to that DataDirect Hybrid Data Pipeline machine and i'm able to see the data there. I am just getting a error on kinvey when adding the service catalog.
HTTP/1.1 500 Internal Server Error


    "error": "DataLinkTimeoutError",
    "description": "The Data Link request did not complete. Please contact support.",
    "debug": "ETIMEDOUT"

Hello Kuhle Sikota,

This is for your app "SalesApp", is that correct?

As this app is in the free Developer Subscription Plan, the timeout value for your app is five seconds. This means that when a DataLink Connector is sent a request, the request must be processed within five seconds or Kinvey will time out the request. This is usually an issue with the DataLink code itself or the query/request that you are sending it. The timeout can also occur when the query is taking too long to process within DataDirect or possibly a problem with the query when DataDirect is processing it.

Looking at our server logs, I don't see anything that would point to another reason for the timeout but I'll ask someone else to review the logs on Monday and get back with you as well. For now, I would recommend reviewing your DataLink implementation and the target DataDirect implementation to see if you can find out where the request is taking so much time.


Billy Gee

yes it is the "SalesApp".

at this point in time i was just testing it to test if the DataDirect Hybrid Data Pipeline is connected to the Kinvey using the console GET just just to check if it has access to the data from myDataDirect Hybrid Data Pipeline  server. 

I have not made any code in the app that would do this so i am not looking there. I wish  you could tell me how the datalink works when trying to do that GET just to select in a Customer table in the database etc. That's what i was testing before i can go further into developing the app. Thanks alot for your input

i am trying to test the connectivity using the console API from Kinvey, I am not using the app code. please tell me more about the datalink and how it works with DataDirect Hybrid Data Pipeline which i have and is already functional with all the data i need to integrate in Kinvey 

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