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The connection with Kinvey is not occurring on windows 7

Good afternoon, the following error attached, started on the computer with windows 7 about 3 hrs, and no form of access to the database is accepted by these computers!

the error is happening in all applications and not only in one specific.

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also in my case this error occurs, it only happens in windows 7, and just 2 days ago it was presented, any help you can give me?

Ricardo, ainda aguardo solução.

o problema começou a ocorrer terça-feira 04/09 .

não encontrei nenhuma solução por enquanto.

você conseguiu algo?

Qué tal Jonas, no no he encontrado solución aún. Ocurre en Windows 7 y 8 pero no sé ha solucionado. Si tiene UD una solución favor de hacerla saber saludos A mí me sale ese error
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