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XCode upgrade: invalid redeclaration of '<-'

After upgrading to XCode 10, I get the error "invalid redeclaration of '<-'" at five different places inside the Kinvey pod/library, e.g. in  ObjectMapperSupport.swift:


/// Override operator used during the `propertyMapping(_:)` method.
@available(*, deprecated: 3.18.0, message: "Please use Swift.Codable instead")
public func <- (left: inout GeoPoint!, right: (String, Map)) {
    let (right, map) = right
    let transform = GeoPointTransform()
    kinveyMappingType(left: right, right: map.currentKey!, transform: transform)
    left <- (map, transform)


The critical part is the "<-" in public func <- (left...

Any ideas how to solve this or what to do? as it is in the kinvey pod more people should have that problem, but I could not find any posts.


thank you for your always quick comments. 

The error is not in the code I am writing. the error shows up in the files provided in the kinvey pod. 

I already updated my code to the codable a few days ago. 

the errors are in the ObjectMapperSupport.swift file coming with Kinvey. I am using Kinvey 3.18.3, Swift 4 and Xcode 10

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Hi Pranav,

Do you have any further information related to this issue?

I'm also seeing this issue in XCode 10.0 in Persistable.swift distributed with the Kinvey client.

Are there any workarounds?



I have upgraded my XCode to v10.0. I am not seeing any issues. Have you tried updating to the latest Kinvey SDK?

I will set up a new project today for testing this again.



I have the same issue as well.


You will have to use Swift.codable now. Check this link for a better understanding.




maybe the attached screenshot tells the story better... obviously I don't feel too comfortable changing code inside the kinvey module


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