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Unable to generate release iOS build. Cannot resolved 'nativescript-push-notifications' error.

During the iOS build , we are seeing the following error and unable to generate release iOS builds. We do not use any push notifications on our app.



"../node_modules/kinvey-nativescript-sdk/kinvey-nativescript-sdk.js error: Can't resolve 'nativescript-push-notifications' node_modules/kinvey-nativescript-sdk/kinvey-nativescript-sdk.js"

Command we are using in iOS:

tns build ios --release --for-device

We are unable to generate release iOS builds due to this issue.

Find the following attached:

  1. tns plug-in dependency list attached.  
  2. Our code base.:


(For Android, we are able to successfully generate the release build using:

tns build android --bundle --env.uglify --env.*)

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Hi Anil,

I noticed that you are using NativeScript SDK v3.10.1. There have been a lot of changes in the NativeScript SDK. Please check for reviewing all the changes made to the SDK. Can you please upgrade the SDK to the latest version i.e. v3.12.1 and let me know if it fixes your issue?



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