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HTML5 upload error 400 ()


I just wanted to let you know about this:

When I upload a file by HTML5 API I got an error using your Upload sample from here:

Failed to load resource: the server responded with a status of 400 ()

console error message:

code: 400

debug: undefined

kinveyRequestId: undefined

message: "An error occurred."

name: "KinveyError"

stack: "o@…"

The file still will be uploaded!

I found out that your sample is not complete:

  1. var metadata ={
  2. _id: '<file-id>',
  3. filename: '<filename>',
  4. mimeType: '<mime-type>'
  5. };

After I added "size: <filesize> to the metadata it worked without any errors. Maybe you want to adjust your sample.


Hello Pranav

Thank you for your answer. Umm, no, I didn't include 'Content-Type and 'X-Kinvey-Content-Type'. I can't find anything about those types from where I got the sample codes: here

If you let me know where I got information about those, i.e. how to implement them I can try it. Here is my related code doing the upload. It's a bigger project and not that easy to let it run over the console since I upload files that I have previously stored in an indexedDB. Furthermore I guess that the console does not reveal all errors that appears connecting from client.

// Get file from indexedDB to upload
then(function(dbFile) {
// Conversion required: ArrayBuffer is deprecated in XMLHttpRequest.send(). Use ArrayBufferView instead.
var fileContent = new DataView(dbFile.file);
var metaData = {
'gameid': 'GS',
'filename': 'gs-' + + '.' + media.extension,
'mimeType': media.type,
'size': media.size, // otherwise error (400)
'type': media.type.substring(0, media.type.indexOf("/")).toLowerCase()
// public: true

// Upload file
var promise = Kinvey.Files.upload(fileContent, metaData)
then(function(file) {
delete media.state;
catch(function(error) {
console.log (error);

I'm fine with that, it works. :o) 



Hi Tayger,

I implemented your scenario on API console and didn't face any issues. Did you include "Content-Type" and "X-Kinvey-Content-Type" headers while implementing your use-case? Can you also implement this scenario on API console and share the results? Please share the screenshots of both the requests and outputs.



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