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Partially hidden file area in Safari browser


With the last changes of Kinvey console a bug sneaked into it. 

When I access the Kinvey console with the Safari browser (Version 12.0.1 (13606. and head to the file area I can't move to the top left. It keeps hanging half on "_acl". See the screenshot to know what I mean.

Since it works fine in Firefox and Chrome (on Mac) it's not a big thing. Just wanted to let you know this.


Yeah, I realise I have tested twice in FF, not once in Chrome. You're right.... So Chrome and Safari have a problem with it.

Merry XMas to the whole Kinvey team!

Hi Tayger,

Thanks for bringing this to our attention. I am seeing this issue on Chrome browser as well by adding some new columns. Engineering is already working on this issue and will let you know once it is fixed.





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