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Forgot to add custom class to root View Controller, now when I do it breaks everything.

I’ve been learning iOS programming for the past two-three weeks working on a simple app so I’ve done a lot of command-Zs during this time as any beginner would. Unfortunately it looks like I undid my custom class file add for the root table view controller. I haven’t had much of a need to edit anything on it until now, right before I’m almost finished. So after I noticed it was missing I added it back on the table view controller custom class setting, added the code I needed (to play a sound when one of the buttons are pressed), rebuilt, and launched my app only to see a blank page with all of my visual elements like the buttons missing. The audio does work. If anyone can offer some advice on how to address this it’d be much appreciated.

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Since you have just started with iOS as well as Kinvey, I would request you to develop a new app from scratch without using any complex views. Just follow and implement the steps mentioned in this link for getting familiar with Kinvey. Also, please take a look at our sample app on this link. You can also check other apps available on this link for a better understanding.




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