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Kinvey OnPushReceived event is never received

I have configured the Kinvey account for both Android and iOS. I uploaded the .p12 certificate for iOS and have created an application in Google Developer console for the GCM.

When my application logs in to Kinvey, I am getting a Token for the user. The application then Registers the device and I receive back a Device Token which is written to the Kinvey Users table. At this point, it is clear that the Kinvey connection is valid as I read other tables from Kinvey.

I am receiving events from the TPushEvents component: OnDeviceTokedReceived, OnDeviceRegistered. This is occurring on both platforms: Android and iOS.

The question is why am I not getting the OnPushReceived event?

I log into the Kinvey Console and send a push event. It shows that the Push was sent to 3 users (2 android and 1 iOS device that are registered) but I am never getting the event on the device.

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I'm not titled to give you a comment to (missing some likes) your post, so I must give you an "answer" to get som more information...

Have you added an eventhandler such as "TForm1::PushEvents1PushReceived" handler to check if you actually receive a push ?Turn OFF your app and send a push when it is not on, you should receive a message in the notification list on your device (will not appear if your app is running).Check if following settings are set mcdvoice

->'Project'->'Options...'->'Entitlement List'->'Receive push notifications': true
->'Project'->'Options...'->'Uses Permissions'->'Internet': true (default)


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