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Server scripts on kinvey

I have implemented a Login module in Kinvey. I am able to write data in the data store. I want to check if the user logging in is already present in the data base. How can I write a business logic for this? How can I call this code in business logic from the client?

I am doing a simple web login, trying to get a grip on kinvey, I fail to understand the business logic part, before-after-save :( , How do I pass values to my business logic

updated post, your help is much needed, I cant figure this out, any example mobdro

Hi Darcy,

If the user logging in is not present in User collection then you will get "Invalid Credentials" error. Can you please check this link and let me know if this is what you are looking for?

Also, for a better understanding of Kinvey Business Logic, please review the following links:

  1. Business Logic Guide
  2. Getting started with Business Logic
  3. Business Logic Reference



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