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Kinvey vs StorageRoom vs Parse other BaaS

I'm an iOS dev and I don't have heavy knowledge of web world, most of the time I develop an app I need to interface with a backends. psiphon Fortunately I found that there are a plenty of BaaS / CMS on the cloud that really reduce the time to market to implement such services.
Now I'm using StorageRoom (more CMS), I'm pretty happy about it. 
It has various good features but it lack something else. 


  • REST API are really simple and you can implement your own REST interface on mobile site. this is important because I trust only in one download manager, the MKNetworkKit, IMHO is the only one well studied and I don't want to digg into there frameworks and try to understand how they manages connections
  • You can create different user to edit and make data entry the CMS (but this feature will need more flexibility, actually it shows all collections even if the user have not permissions to CRUD them)
  • Webhooks makes very easy and flexible the connection with other services such as PUSH etc
  • Low Price
  • Quite abstract services so they're really really flexible


  • Custom business logic
  • Advanced editor features
  • A sort of social connection/login to create social applications faste
  • rAn integrated service for Push and Passkit
  • Since very abstract I'd like to see more facilities for collection management and social login

Can someone that uses Kinvey tell me if it has all the good features of Storageroom and the missing features and share his/her experience with that BaaS or another one?

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