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How to send push notification to clients with Kinvey from Delphi?

I have done the client side push notification application, with Kinvey backend, but I would like to send push notifications automatically from another Delphi application I am developing.

How to send push notifications to the mobile clients from Delphi application with Kinvey backend ?


Thank u so much for taking time to help.

Well nothing is cleared in push notification....It is just there to increase the confusion 

nice post

thanks for the response @Martin Apostolov

Thank you so much for the solution @Martin Apostolov.

Hi Jenine,

To trigger a push notification from your other Delphi application please follow these steps:

  1. Create a custom endpoint in Kinvey Console -
  2. In the custom endpoint logic, use module.push to trigger sending push notifications. Some sample codes here:
  3. Make an HTTP request to the custom endpoint in Kinvey Console which will call the above code and trigger push notification. In the request body you can pass the variables you need like who the push notification should target, the push notification message, title.

I hope this has helped.

Martin Apostolov

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