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Update information on the RadSideDrawer

How do I update the avatar picture and other information on the RadSideDrawer on a Kinvey Studio project?

I don't see how I could get access to this from my code.


Hello Thomas,

I wanted to let you know that we have introduced a way for the users to create their own html files that will override the automatically generated ones. While not a perfect solution for the avatar scenario that you have mentioned here, it allows the users to create and modify html pages to meet their specific needs.

To use this new functionality, you need to create a new file that contains the overrideĀ key word after component. For example, if you want to override app.component.tns.html, you need to create a file named app.component.override.tns.html. The override file will completely replace the original file, so you have to make sure that the content contains all the information that might be required from the auto generated TypeScript files.



Hi Thomas,

Currently, the content of the RadSideDrawer cannot be modified as it is tied to an auto-generated non-editable file and is intended mainly for navigation purposes. The scenario that you describe is quite common, so we are planning to allow the editing of the above-mentioned file with one of our next releases. Unfortunately, for the time being, we cannot offer any viable alternative that will help you achieve the desired behavior.

I will update this case once we have allowed the editing of the app.component file, which would allow implementing custom side drawer content through code.



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