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Push notifications

I need to use push notification in my Kinvey Studio project. What is the best practice to implement this?

I have initiated the settings for the push in the Kinvey console. I guess I need to use the nativescript-firebase plugin to do this? If so, where should the code to set up the push notifications be implemented?


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Hello Thomas,

The Push Notifications for NativeScript article in our documentation has a pretty good step-by-step guide on how to enable and implement push notifications for your mobile app. You are correct in your assumption that you require the nativescript-firebase plugin. You can install it either through the npm command given in the documentation article or through the Kinvey Studio Mobile Sidekick window - the plug icon on the left will open the plugin management. From there, you should select Available, search for the nativescript-firebase plugin and click Install.

As for where the code should be located, the documentation of the Firebase plugin recommends to make the initialization once the Angular application is running.  With this in mind, perhaps the best place to make the initialization is in the <app-name>/src/app/app.config.tns.ts file, which is called once the Angular app is running.

Let me know if this is of any help.



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