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Live Service with Kinvey Studio

I need to get the Live Service to work with Kinvey Studio.

I have been following the guide on and it works well all the way to "Subscribing to a Collection".

How and where should I implement the subscription to the collection?

I guess that I shouldn't use a Datastore as they do in the example. I guess the Kinvey Studio framework gives me access to the collection and I can set up to the subscription.

It would be very good to have a "best practice" list on how to set this up to work with a Kinvey Studio project.


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Hello Thomas,

I would like to apologize for taking so long to respond to your question.

From your comment I see that you have already taken the first steps and enabled the Live Service for your application. Below you could find a basic code example on how to achieve this. In my example, I am modifying the content of a list view that contains vehicles (to work for you, you need to provide the name of your collection) by changing the code base of the <view-name>.components.tns.ts file:

import { Inject, Injector } from '@angular/core';
import { VehiclesViewBaseComponent } from '@src/app/modules/vehicles/vehicles/vehicles.base.component';

import { KinveyService } from '@src/app/core/data/kinvey.service';
import * as Kinvey from 'kinvey-nativescript-sdk';

export class VehiclesViewComponent extends VehiclesViewBaseComponent {
    private coreService: KinveyService;

    constructor(@Inject(Injector) injector: Injector) {
        this.coreService = this.injector.get(KinveyService);     

    ngOnInit() {
        const activeUser = Kinvey.User.getActiveUser();
        const vehicles = Kinvey.DataStore.collection('vehicles', Kinvey.DataStoreType.Network);

        .then((res) => {

            return vehicles.subscribe({
                onMessage: (m) => {
                onStatus: (s) => {
                    // handle status events, which pertain to this collection
                onError: (e) => {
                    // handle errors
                .then((res) => {
        .catch(err => {

In addition to the ngOnInit function, you can find a couple of imports (kinvey.service and kinvey-nativescript-sdk) and a reference to the coreService (from kinvey.service), which gives you a way to reload the data and imports  

Important: In the latest version of Kinvey Studio, newly created apps are using kinvey-nativescript-sdk version 4.2.1, which exhibit some issues with the Live Service. In my example, I am using kinvey-nativescript-sdk version 4.2.3, which is working as expected. With this in mind, I recommend that you use the latest version of the above-mentioned SDK.

I hope this information is of any help.



Hi Team,

Is there any way to subscribe to only particular row as we do not want to push anything changed on a collection to all users, We want to push the changes which is related to respective user.

So, is it possible to subscribe to a collection based on "_id" ? 

Or is there any way to publish to live services by writing custom code. 

I tried writing the flex service but but while publishing using pubnub sdk I am getting below error publishing{\"error\":true,\"operation\":\"PNPublishOperation\",\"statusCode\":403,



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