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Missing documentation for data state utilities

As i'm learning Kinvey i've attempted to use Kinvey studio to help build the app while learning Kinvey sdk from the generated code. What i've experienced so far is a huge disconnect between the published sdk documentation and the code that's being generated by Kinvey studio. One example is data-state-utils.ts file that includes several functions which provide data access functionality for collections and entities. There's absolutely no documentation on these functions. This situation exists for all the other aspects of the otherwise competent application that is generated by the Studio. All documentation regarding the Studio is about it's own interface and not the code that it generates. This is a blocker for any further adoption.

Here's the list of imports that handle data retrieval and binding in the Kinvey studio generated application.  There's no documentation for any of them that i could find.  There's not even descriptive comments in the code.  After awhile is just gave up and went to the straight SDK.  At least that has documentation.

import { NavigationService } from '@src/app/core/services/navigation.service';

import { UtilsService } from '@src/app/core/services/utils.service';

import { DataServiceFactory } from '@src/app/core/data/helpers/data-service.factory';

import { CollectionDataService } from '@src/app/core/data/collection-data.service';

import { EntityDataService } from '@src/app/core/data/entity-data.service';

import { DataServiceConfig } from '@src/app/core/data/interfaces/data-service-config.interface';

import { combineObservables, getDataObservable, InitDataServiceOptions } from '@src/app/core/data/helpers/data-service-utils';

Hello Kiril,

I am sorry to hear about your experience with Kinvey Studio and would like to thank you for taking the time to share your feedback on how to improve it.

We agree that the documentation about the generated code is not sufficient and we are looking for ways to improve it. You have already mentioned one of the options that we consider - the addition of more (and descriptive) comments to the code. I cannot give you a precise time frame when such improvement will be released, but we will strive to work on that with every upcoming releases.



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