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Collection and data management is buggy and awkward.

I'm sure everybody has experienced that data model and test data organically grow and develop during the entire project.  Fields are created, moved, changed, and populated with dev data.  The tool needs to support this flow.  Currently it makes all of these tasks awkward and confusing.  I ended up maintaining my own json files for data model definition and continuously clear and reimport them with data changes thus bypassing console and Kinvey Studio interfaces.  This creates a lot of frustration and i hope wasn't the intent of Progress.

There are several serious bugs around data model creation between the console and KinveyStudio.  

  1. Fields created in KS don't show up in the console unless they have data in them, but there's no way to enter data in KS.  So the only way to see the fields in the console is to write them from the code.
  2. There's no way to delete a field or an entity in either in KS or in the console.  Let this sink in for a minute.  Currently there's no way to remove anything from the collection through either interface.  
  3. JSON definition of an entity can be seen in the console (but not in KS) but not edited.  But a collection can be imported from a JSON file. 

Just these issues render both interfaces unusable.

Please refer to Firebase collection interface for a good example of an efficient data workflow.  Entities and attributes can be easily created and populated with data.  They can also be easily nested and organized.

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