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Unable to add a field to data grid from KS

I've created a web view based on the grid with separate form template.  When i specified the fields to be included in the grid initially they all appeared in the running app.  However, when later on i removed and subsequently re-added a field it no longer appears in the running app while it is visible KS design view.  I've tried all sorts of things like adding other fields. Regenerating the app.  Rebooting and regenerating the app.  Removing and readding the field.  Nothing works.  The field does not appear in the grid in the running app.
Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.

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The easiest way to find the cause is to create a new Kinvey Studio project with the same backend, create a module and add a grid with separate form and bind it to the same collection. Then you can compare the views from the two projects and see what's different. You can either compare the generated code - e.g. [path_to_app]\src\app\modules\[module name]\[view name], or you can compare the metadata for the views from [path_to_app]\meta\modules\[module name]\views\[view name].json

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