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Custom Endpoint request module not working

When I copy the example for getting data from an external API from the kinvey docs: 


    var req = modules.request;
    req.get('', function(error, resp, body){
        if (error){
            response.body = {error: error.message};
        response.body = JSON.parse(body);

If I try and use this and then test the endpoint using the built in tester I get an error of code: "ECONNRESET"

Any help would be appreciated.

Hello Cameron,

It seems the URL [] which you are using is not working any more.

I have replaced the URL with working URL, tested the same code using  Custom Endpoint BL built in Tester and its working .

Please let us know if you have more questions on this !

Thanks & Regards,

Akhil DT
Technical Support Engineer


Hi Kinvey Team, 

I have created one custom endpoint on kinvey console. But do'nt know how to test on Kinvey console and debug the Business logic.

When i am calling this endpoint by authorization header in nativescript App:


Kinvey.CustomEndpoint.execute('progressExample', {

           authorization: Kinvey.User.getActiveUser()._kmd.authtoken,


        .then(function(response) {

            console.log('response-----------------'+JSON.stringify(response) );



        .catch(function(error) {



After running the code, i am getting below error:

 error-----progress"The Business Logic script has a syntax error(s). See debug message for details."

Please guide me.

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