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Azure AD OAuth2 Login

Dear all,

we use Azure AD with MFA in our company. After providing the MFA code to the login UI and clicking on "check code" button nothing happens. Just the login embedded browser window starts to indicate some loading. But the loading never stops (Promise callbacks never get fired). Could you please help me with this problem?

Here's some code we use in login method of login component TypeScript:


 this._userService.loginWithMIC(Config.redirectUriAuthorizationGrant.AuthorizationCodeLoginPage, { version: "v2" })

 .then((user: User=> {


 console.log("user: " + JSON.stringify(user));


 .catch((error: Errors.BaseError=> {

 alert("An error occurred. Check your Kinvey settings.");

 console.log("error: " + error);


Kind regards

Bernhard Huber

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