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New pricing model

Hello Kinvey

I recently received an email about the new pricing model of Kinvey, that excited me! It is more competitive to other Cloud Services! Depending on project someone needs more storage while the other needs more of anything else. For example I need more API calls per month and let's assume I have the starter package licensed (100k calls/monts). That sounds after a lot of API calls but it means: 40 API calls per user. This is no more that much considering I do API calls in my homepage AND in my Web app. Some pages of both needs to do more than one API calls. So I fear that 100K is then reached before the month ends. So my questions:

1. What happens if the provided API calls are reached before the month ends?

2. Is it possible to get/buy more API calls for a package or is the only possibility to get more API calls by switching to next higher package?

Nevertheless a great new pricing offer Kinvey! I still like the clear list of what you get. On Google Cloud, AWS, Azure, etc. it's painful to find out what you really need (so many options) and what it costs


Hello Tayger,

Our apologies for the delayed response. We are happy to hear that you find our new pricing offer attractive.

To answer your questions, when you reach 70%, 80% and 90% of your monthly API calls, you will be notified via email, so you have sufficient time to take action. While we are considering the option to provide "extension packs" about different components (API Calls, Users, Data Storage and others), at the moment, you will need to upgrade to the next subscription tier in order to increase the amount of allowed monthly API calls.

I hope the above answers your questions. Please, let me know if you require more information.



Thank you for your informative answer. This sounds all promising but.. Today I saw this message in my Kinvey Backend Console: 

Trial expires in 24 days 


That shocked me and I understand it that way, that I have at minimum to pay $2500 (starter bundle). I'm still building up my App with Kinveys Backend. Neither my App is ready yet nor do I have (paying) customers yet. In other words: This is the death of my App. I'm shocked and very sad Kinvey is going that money driven way. :(((((((((


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