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"The app backend is under lockdown"

We are experiencing a major issue with an app that is live. Our game is currently completely offline and our players and clients are complaining. So it would be good to resolve this quickly.

I get the following error:

Esmeralda[6197:60b] WARN: login at kinvey failed: {"error":"AppProblem","description":"There is a problem with this app backend that prevents execution of this operation. Please contact for assistance","debug":"The app backend is under lockdown"}

When I log in to the Kinvey backend the app has disappeared and I get this error:

App not found.

We searched low and high and we could not find that app anywhere. Perhaps you have the wrong URL?

Looks like this:

I still see the app in the menu:
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Hi Rafael,

We have contacted you about the issue and resolved it in the interim.
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