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query doesn't show files, can't download.

My users are generating files and adding them to the file data store.

I have a node.js script which in my test environment will download the one file I put into the test environment, but when I change that script to my production environment, the query doesn't return any files. I use a blank query new Kinvey.Query()

// I suspect that when my app (motorcardiogram in the google app store) uploads the files, the default ACL is used, which is that the file is private to that user.

The page which allows me to download files by hand doesn't show the acl column when listing the files.

I have tried using the master secret in the node.js script, and then logging in with a normal user (named download) hoping that would override the settings, but to now avail.

How can I get around the permissions in my node.js? Do I need to push a new version of my app which adds the download user to the ACL?


To get "root" access to your data you can log in as the master secret.

Your app key is the username and the master secret is the password. That user has access to read all the data you are looking for.

By default the files uploaded are private. You will need to manually set the permissions for the files when they are being created.
according to kinvey documentation:

Shared (read-all, write-yours)

End users of an app can only create and modify their own data, but read all data in this collection. This is the default permission level for any new collection. Previously referred to as 'append-read' permission level.

Does this also apply to files?
Your suggestion worked. Thanks.
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