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Kinvey Able to send SMS messages ?

I am assuming the answer in No, as I can't find any documentation on this, but I wanted to verify with someone.


There is no native support built in. However you can easily use the Twilio API ( to send an SMS from Kinvey, by using Kinvey's Business Logic to POST to Twilio's servers.
You can use the Twilio API + Kinvey Business Logic to send messages.
cool! thanks for the quick answer
I'd also suggest you look at Nexmo. Right now, Twilio has more features. However, they are also more expensive. Nexmo is much cheaper and just as easy to use. If you don't need all of Twilio's bells and whistles, I'd consider Nexmo.

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Aabhapure, daisy

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If I want to trigger a ping to a specific IP, Whatever the database gets updateed on kinvey???




I want a design where whenever my android app modifies the backend database on kinvey... A pre-defined device with a known IP gets a trigger that new data is available and the device should initiate a fetch on the updated Mobdro database . 


Please take a look at

Normally, when an entity has been updated in a Kinvey collection, a user would have to perform a Find operation to retrieve the latest data.  Using the Kinvey Live Service, updates from the Kinvey backend can be instead pushed down to the device.



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