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Questions about users and groups

I have a few questions about users and groups:

* Can groups be created via API (such as the Java SDK)?

* Let's say I had one backend that contained a collection of companies and a collection of distributors, and each distributor had a link to a company. How can I set the permissions (via API, not console) so that there are two separate client apps that communicate with the back end yet company A only has access to the distributors for his company and company B can read all of the data? In this scenario, let's assume the end user of the app isn't logging in, so I believe we'd want each client app to run under the context of a special user or a group that represents the given company.

* Can permissions be restrictive as above and also allow the user to log in? Essentially I'm wondering if an app can be running under more than one user context - restrictive by company yet allowing the end user to be logged in.

Hi Erich,

I just put out an article that addresses your questions:

Private channel player names can only contain lowercase letters, numbers, hyphens, and underscores, and must be 21 characters or less. We will download the submitted channel name and modify it in PC to meet the above criteria. When calling this method on Your PC, we recommend storing the private Windows channel's name value that is returned to Mx player for pc in the response.


    "ok": true,

    "group": {

        "id": "G024BE91L",

        "name": "secretplans",

        "is_group": "true",

        "created": 1360782804,

        "creator": "U024BE7LH",

        "is_archived": false,

        "is_open": true,

        "last_read": "0000000000.000000",

        "latest": null,

        "unread_count": 0,

        "unread_count_display": 0,

        "members": [



        "topic": {

            "value": "Secret plans on hold",

            "creator": "U024BE7LV",

            "last_set": 1369677212


        "purpose": {

            "value": "Discuss secret plans that no-one else should know",

            "creator": "U024BE7LH",

            "last_set": 1360782804




try working with this method, hopefully your issue installing sdk gets solved in your PC

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