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Prevent Login upon user signup

I am using HTML5. When I create a new user, the new user is automatically logged in. Is there a way to log out this user without having them verify their email (I have automatic email verification turned on). Currently the app locks up and gives me this:{"error":"EmailVerificationRequired","description":"This app requires email address verification. Before performing any operations, please verify your email address by clicking the link sent to you upon signup.","debug":""}, when I try to connect to kinvey after refreshing.

You mean this happens even after verifying the email? Or you are not getting the verification email?
It happens before the user clicks the link in the email (the user does receive the email, however). The problem is that if the user that signs up does not verify their email then the app is useless for other users that would want to use it on the same computer. Is there a way to disable automatic sign in when a user signs up?
You can either log the user out manually: `Kinvey.setActiveUser(null)`, or use `Kinvey.User.create(data, { state: false })` to create a new user without logging it in.
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