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Very Long Query and Custom Endpoint response times and timeouts

All across the board, and tested on multiple networks, my custom endpoints and collection queries are sporadically seeing response times of 15-30 seconds or they simply timeout, but non-cached duplicate calls right afterwards take

Any ideas why this would be happening or ways to debug where the slowdown is coming from?

I'm also experiencing intermittent problems with requests to Kinvey, although in my case I am not using custom endpoints. It seems to affect all queries intermittently. I've only noticed this problem in the last few days.
This is likely related to an issue that we resolved yesterday-- can you tell me if you're still experiencing issues?
Yes, I am still experiencing issues. Kinvey is still not responding to requests consistently.
Okay, thanks! We're on it.
Any update on this? I'm still seeing simple queries take longer than 30 seconds that used to be instant.
My app was also experiencing significant timeouts all of last week starting Sunday afternoon Eastern US time (12/1) and seemed to get a little better around Friday, however I am still getting more timeouts than prior to Sunday. Caroline/Kinvey, could you elaborate on what issue was identified and resolved? Are there any others that might also be causing timeouts that are still being addressed?

I was watching this other question as well: I'm curious if their issues improved as a result of the resolved issue last week or if theirs was more related to an iOS specific problem.
Sorry for the delay on this- we're working to debug after rolling out some major changes last week. It would be helpful to know what SDK's folks are working with, any logs and/or error messages you're getting.
Currently, we are exclusively using DataStore, User, and File namespaces and Query, Group classes in the Kinvey JavaScript Library for Titanium.

An initial exception from the timeout is always triggered (and fortunately caught) at line 6190 in the JS library. The "response" is just text "timeout" which causes a JSON.parse exception. The repsonse is then converted to a REQUEST_TIMEOUT_ERROR type error at line 6224. I do not have any logs available right now--if you need anything specific please let me know.
Hi folks, I just wanted to wrap this thread up. We were experiencing some service issues that should all be resolved. If you're still having troubles, start up a new thread so we can make sure it's not related and help troubleshoot.
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