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Downloading a publicly uploaded file by other users of the app

KCSFileStore cannot download the files that are publicly uploaded by other users. I guess this is happening because Collection level permission of File store is not set as "Shared", is this right? I am saying that because when I try so access files uploaded by other users with REST API, the get access denied.

Solved by setting KCSFileACL
Hi Ali, you got it!

There are two sets of permissions in play here: first, setting the public flag creates an unsigned URL, one which can be freely shared and does not expire. Second, the file entity itself has permissions determining who has access to the file metadata (just like any other entity on Kinvey) and can retrieve the link. This allows you to, for example, get a link to share a file with friends on a social network, but still keep that file hidden from other users of the app.
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