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NSDate object on iOS development

My development is based on iOS and Backbone.js platforms. Mapping on iOS, kinvey format is


as Kinvey Guide expose. But, for backbone format all we have when persisting a date using moment.js library with toISODate() method is :


Because of different string format for the platforms, queries on IOS are not able to filter entities created from backbone platform e opposite too.

How is it the right way to proceed?

Can anybody help me here? I can't understand why the NSDate object is saved on Kinvey database differently of javascript dates are.
Date types are cross-platform compatible. You should store the date as a number or string in the database and convert them in your various clients.
I have the same problem. How I can send a query for date using REST API while the date is in ISODate(xxx) format?
I cannot use $date ( I get this error:

{u'debug': u'An error has occurred within MongoDB while trying to execute your query', u'description': u'The Kinvey server encountered an unexpected error. Please retry your request', u'error': u'KinveyInternalErrorRetry'}

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