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Custom URL/Page for Reset Password

Hello there! I’m about to get my app published using your amazing service. So, I’ld like to know if is there a way to make my custom page for user reset password. Even if I have to write my own code.

Also, is it possible to put this page under my URL/domain?

Thank you!


While we currently do not offer a way to customize the password reset page, we are planning to offer this option (which will to be hosted on your own domain) through the Console next month. In the meantime, we do offer a way to customize the "success" page that is displayed to the user once the password reset process is complete. You can access this through the HTML Templates addon, under the Messaging category in the console.
Neto, it took longer than anticipated, but the option to define your own password reset page is now available. Take a look at the Users guide for more information:
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