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storage limit in offline mode

trying to figure out just how much data I can store locally on the device with Kinvey's offline IndexedDB implementation?? Playing around with the idea of just making my icenium app work offline for the majority of the time and then just sync at regular intervals or maybe just on login/logout, etc

but I've got the potential to have a fair amount of data to store locally so...didn't want to run up against a limit and be sad down the line ;) Really just trying to figure out a strategy also to determine paging logic based on any type of limit I'll be faced with

I was wondering this too. There doesnt seem to be any obvious "cleaning up" of old offline data..... which means that over time that the offline data store just gets larger and larger (and older and older). Hence I am also wondering if this is something we have to manage - or whether we can leave the library functions to handle clean up when the size limit (whatever that is) is neared.
For storage limits on Firefox see [here](, for Google [here](

The library internally doesn’t clean up old data. You can, however, remove the entire database if you want. See [here](
Does anyone know if iOS still caps at 50MB for non-native implementation?
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