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Multiple email confirmations for email verification

Today I got some feedback from one of my users: he got many email confirmations for his email verification. Emails were sent during a period of a couple of hours (days?). Seems like there is some issue in the logic on the backend side.

Thanks a lot, Gal! Your suggested solution sounds reasonable. Regards!
Karol, our logs show that the link in the email was accessed multiple times over the past few days (which most likely means that either intentionally or accidentally, the user clicked the link at those times). Currently, we send a confirmation email every time you click the link, not only the first time, which would explain why this user received multiple emails. I've opened a ticket for only sending the confirmation email the first time a user clicks the link in the email, and this change will go out in a future release.
Hi Gal,

The user got really upset because of this and requested to remove his account immediately, so he is not in the system any more. I can send you the email address on priv (I cannot disclose the user's email here). The email verification process is triggered using "sendEmailConfirmationForUser" method, right after creating the user.

Regarding the email timestamps: I know about two emails for this user:

- 22 January 2014 06:04 CET

- 22 January 2014 07:46, CET
Hi Karol, can you provide more information such as: the email or id of the user, how the email verification process is triggered for your app, the (even approximate) time the first and last verification emails were sent, how many were sent?
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