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General Admin Questions

I have some basic questions about admin, etc.

The first question I have is whether or not it is possible for me to change a user's username/password for them? The way I'm doing it in my beta is I created a way for them to do it within the app. Just on the chance that a user ever forgets their password, I capture their username and password when they create an account and stick it in a table. Is this the proper way to handle this? I don't feel right being able to see their password, but I know of no other way. Is there a way to create a temporary password for them if they forget their own?

To prevent a user from creating multiple accounts, I get the device ID and stick it in the user database I created. I then do a query when a user accesses my Cloud storage activity and disable the "Create" button if the query finds their device ID already in the table. Is this the best way to handle this?

Has Kinvey done any reliability testing on data being written to or read from the Kinvey server? During some early testing I wrote 5 objects to a database and then did an import for them. One of the entries would not import. I don't know why. I recreated the item and stored it on Kinvey. It then imported back to my device fine. Just curious if any reliability studies have been performed on Kinvey's end?

I have a few Alpha testers and I'm trying to minimize interruptions and loss of data for them. If I export a collection, it seems to write it as a Json. If I hit "Import", does it read in the exact same Json export file and populate that collection? Do I have to export every collection within the app or is there a way of exporting everything at once?

Thanks for any general input and advice on these topics.

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Hi Mark,

1. Kinvey provides a way for users to reset their own password, which you can read about in the devcenter (, as long as they enter an email address to which the password reset request can be sent. Additionally, you (as the app creator) can trigger this reset process on a per-user basis through the Console. You should definitely never capture/save their passwords!

2. Can you go into detail regarding your reasoning behind not letting your users create more than one account? furthermore, do you intend them to be able to create a different account for each device? a different account per email address? etc.

3. Can you be more specific about what you mean by "did an import for them"? are you using a library (and if so, which one)? have you been able to reproduce this issue?

4. Exporting a collection and then importing the saved file will repopulate the collection, replacing each entity with the imported one. Note that if you have business logic defined for the collection, it will run on the data as it is being imported, thereby potentially modifying the collection. There is currently no way to export more than a single collection at a time.
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