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Sample is at in a pdf file called (How to Make an App HTML5 Mobile Edition). It has a sample App called ApplicantTracker.

pdf can be found at:

From this zip file found on Kinvey website (sent via email) there is a sample App example called "AppTRACKER".

I went to the end of Step 2 (i.e., I did not yet do the Phone Gap build), because I am interested only in webApp for now.

I was able to do all the front end and backend steps to produce an App (npm, grunt, source, id's, add user, import sample data, add business logic, then point Chrome at the localhost:3000,: So I could get to the sign in Page (seen on p.27 of the pdf). However, upon signing in attempt, I get back "invalid email or password".

I reset my password several times (used same pw) to ensure I had not messed up on the password. Same result -- so it's not a faulty email/password entry.

Help anyone ??
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Hi Joe, Since we are following up over email I'm going to leave this topic for now and we'll get the answer up after we've discussed via email.
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