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User signup verification emails not working

It seems that the email verification feature is no longer working. We are experiencing this issue across all of our environments. Is this something others are experiencing or one that Kinvey is already aware of?

Hi Amir, I have just tested this, and it appears to be working. Can you go into more detail about how you're triggering the verification, and what you mean by "not working"?

According to the documentation,, if the 'Automatically send email verification' option is turned on, email will be sent when the user is created or if they change their email address.

I create the user with username and password from an iOS app, and then update the user's email address from google app engine using the collection access. Updating the user's email in this manner does not trigger the verification email as the documentation suggests. Is there anything else we need to do to trigger the verification email when updating the user's email address via google app engine?
HI Arun,

Since accessing/updating collections (including the user collection) through business logic communicates directly with the data layer rather than going through the Kinvey APIs, any tasks that run when data is modified (such as email verification, BL collection hooks, etc) will not be triggered. In order to manually initiate email verification from any source, including your app engine code, you can use the Kinvey REST API as described here
Hi Gal,

Thanks for the clarification. Kinvey recently released the Java SDK, if we migrate our Google App Engine code to use the JAVA SDK instead of the current set of classes for collection access, would the calls be going through Kinvey API's?
Yes-- all Kinvey libraries go through the REST API behind the scenes.
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