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A Few Startup Questions

Questions from a customer:

1) How do I importing a csv file that has a field with leading zeroes (zipcodes)

2) Creating an API that returns a list of entities by geographic proximity. We have two tables, one simply with customer_IDs and their latitudes and longitudes, another with customer_IDs and 43 fields of other data including name. Simple, but I need to see how to setup in Kinvey.

3) How are API calls computed? Right now we have 182k, with no understanding of how our limited use has generated so many actions.
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1) Zipcodes are likely a string in this case rather than a number. Quotes around it will solve that.

2) What do you mean by setup? You mean how to do the data modeling, or something else?

3) It could be a bug in the code that is sending a lot of bad calls, or something else, hard to know. I can check on the API call quality if I have the KID.
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