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Creating User Groups & Setting Permissions

##Creating User Groups

See the REST documentation on [User Groups]( "User Groups").

In the future, we plan to have console support for groups.

##Setting Permissions

###Collection Level

You can set the [collection permissions]( "collection permissions") via the settings in the console.

###Entity Level

You can update the ACL attribute of any entity directly by either by using the [collection access module]( "collection access module") in Business Logic or by using the REST API.

**Collection Access Module**

This gives you an API to perform raw data operations like saving and fetching. You can use it to save the entity which has _acl already set to the right value.

For exact _acl syntax, see [Entity and User Permissions]( "Entity and User Permissions"). In the future we plan to provide helper methods, or to make the same syntax as JS library available in BL.

_Example: Caroline wants to create an entity that belongs to an administrative group. She creates a before-save collection hook, in which she modifies request.body._acl to allow access to the administrative group and calls response.continue(). Please look at the business logic guide part on [collection hooks]( "collection hooks")._


See documentation on saving via the [REST API]( "REST API").

Hi Caroline

The docs with the code example for how to update a user group (in REST section) has been broken for a few weeks. Any chance of getting that fixed up? (looks like how your docs are auto-generated)

Currently the docs say


Hi @"A B"‌, can you be more specific about what issue you see with the quoted line?

As an aside -- the majority of our documentation is not actually automatically generated.
Hi Gal

Oh - ok!

I was expecting to see some JSON there, not a line saying that there would be some JSON there, if you see what I mean.

e.g. The CREATE method has a full JSON example. I would expect the UPDATE one to have a similar structure and example.

Users is my next big thing to work out how it works on Kinvey so Caroline's note was appreciated and timely.

Thanks for the clarification!
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