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what is the best way to keep some information user would like to share (for example photo) - may I use Users for this goal or I should create a new collection and link by user id?

- Thanks

Hi Kath!

You can store any number of custom attributes about your user on the User entity (including KinveyRef). However we don't support KinveyFile reference on user entities at the moment but it's on our backlog. Instead, for photos you're storing with our File API, you should use KinveyFile reference on a data entity in a collection and KinveyRef back to the User entity.

Our native [iOS]( "iOS") and [Android]( "Android") CityWatch sample demonstrate this capability.

Let me know if that helps.
Hi Morgan!

Thanks for the response. But actually my question was not about files, it was about additional fields. If I would create them, I may consider them as any other fields ? Because to access user I should use different end point, and not sure 100% that I can add anything else what was created automatically. Thanks
Yes, custom attributes on the User entity are just like any other entity field. HTH
Thanks, Morgan!

Can a user's custom attributes be edited programmatically, i.e., can we use KCSUser.activeUser()'s setValue(forAttribute) method? My students are claiming that they can set attributes but then not edit them in subsequent calls.


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MP Rogers, did you manage to fetch the user custom field?


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