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Example of sending Push to Kinvey ?

Since I really do not understand, neither finding any example of this.

- Could someone be this kind an post an example of "how to send a push message to Kinvey, which will be send to the clients ?"

( preferable to be as HTTP request or something easy to be implemented from high level application languages as C++ Builder / Delphi / Action Script / C# )

Hi @Yordan‌

You should be triggering push notifications from within your custom business logic code, then triggering that endpoint using a HTTP request. There is a guide on how to trigger a push from BL [here]( and on how to invoke a custom endpoint [here](
I am wondering just about the same for a weeks, and still do not understand it.

Please. Could You provide some simple example on the topic with a bit more explanations ?
Kevin / Yordan

Thank you both for the feedback!

We haven't added new examples as a result of the last couple of threads in the forum about push. But improvement to our documentation and samples has been noted! Having it would definitely clear up some confusion for developers needing to implement push notifications for the first time in their apps.

We’re not working on that at the moment but I'll pitch it to the team and see what they think.

If you have any other questions, just let me know and I'll be happy to help.


I think I have figured it out ( still working on it tough ).

So basically the things about Delphi goes like this :

* Go from AddOns menu -> Business Logic -> Custom Endpoints, and create a new one which shall handle the Push messages, which is coming from Your application.

Something like this will do :


var msg = request.body.caption + " : " + request.body.message;

var push = modules.push;

push.broadcastMessage( msg );

response.body = {"message": "sent."};



* Or create Your own logic based on whatever You are trying to do.

The in Delphi IDE :

* add TKinveyProvider and TBackendPush component to the form.

* (on TKinveyProvider - set AppKey, AppSecret, MasterSecret to the ones which Your application is pointing.

* on TKinveyProvider property PushEndpoint set the function name which You have created for your Push backend above.

* on TBackendPush set as provider TKinveyProvider instance component.

* set as message something, place one TButton component and on it's OnClick event ( just for the test purposes ) write : BackendPush.Push; (as your instance is);

**Note** I am still trying to figure it out about the message itself. But this is triggering the buisness logic at least, and the clients gets the pushes.
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