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Receiving a push 10 times ?


I have this very problem - each push I am sending, disregarding if it's from the test push console, or from the endpoint push console, or even my application is been received 10 times on the devices. What could be the possible causes ?

A possible cause is that your app start the service every time you execute the app, that happened to me and the solution (in android) was that:

` if (!mKinveyClient.push().isPushEnabled()) {



To be sure, restart the device.

I hope this helps you!

Let me know if it isn't!

See u!
Reboot does not helped. My application is on Delphi. And It's really looks like i am receiving the pushs from the server 10 times each.
Awkward situation. It's working differently on different devices. The new ones is receiving once, the one which were used initially into the development keep receiving 10 times.
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